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Recent Praise for Envar Island

4 and 3/4 Stars !!

...an immediately engaging story. From the very beginning, I was intrigued and entertained by the author’s dystopian view of a possible future for mankind.

Kesting has combined the apocalyptic and the sci-fi categories to make a detailed and frightening statement about our own contemporary plight…with regard to economics, politics, religion and morality and how these factors in a society can be so tremendously influenced when simple men with gross power are thrust into leadership. He manages to combine these commentaries in a rich text that urges you to read on to completion.

I applaud the cleverness of this device. It really makes you stop and think about our own world.

I just couldn’t read fast enough to satisfy my curiosity...

 ~Red Adept Reviews

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Praise for Thrones for the Innocent:

Kesting has written a flowing tale that interweaves the real and the paranormal that holds concepts as much as its characters at its center. He writes with a multi-faceted style: at once simple, but powerful, in narration and the description of the bleakness of a lost child and ethereal when discussing the mystical complexities of the soul.
--Katherine Peterson, reviewer, SF Reader


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Praise for Rubicon Harvest:

Kesting’s Rubicon Harvest is an intense thrill ride down a dark controversial path of medicine meeting technology along with several heart felt relationships. Kesting instantly captures the reader from the start and holds until the end with interesting characters, and a suspenseful dialog. He draws you into his world where you will be second guessing and questioning yourself and has you crying, laughing, cheering and cursing all at once. Rubicon Harvest leaves you questioning man’s psychological existence to his physical.
--Stephen Murray

C. W. Kesting has created a future world unique from any I’ve read. His cast of characters is three-dimensional and their humanness drew me into their dilemmas. I found myself reading well past my bedtime and loving the unexpected ending.
I can only hope C. W. Kesting will continue to take us on future adventures as intricate and intriguing as this. This is an absolute must have for every Sci/Fi reader.

--Celia Cooper, 2008 Golden Wings winning author

Kesting is to be commended for his extremely strong descriptions and dialog. His detailed infusion of technology is merged well with his characters use of it, and he 'shows it' well more than he 'tells it'. If you are a medical/sci-fi/tech fiction lover, who prefers a strong human element woven into the story it's certainly worth a read.
--G. David Clark, author of Sunset Dancer









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