Reviews and Praise

Rubicon Harvest

Technology and medical research continue to take us far beyond what we have known. Rubicon Harvest by C. W. Kesting carries the reader even further; step by thrilling step. A strong premise captures readers; interesting characters and the stark issues underlying society draw you further into this world. You’ll laugh, cry, cheer and curse, coming away subtly educated. And more importantly... you will be entertained!

~lizzie starr--Wings ePress

Chilling and intense, Kesting's Rubicon Harvest takes you to a time and place none of us really want to go... yet it's just around the corner. Strong descriptions and dialog lock you into the story and compel you along its dark journey into a society that seems all too real and inevitable, but shines here and there with the bright human qualities that flash hope and salvation against the architects of despair and destruction.

~G. David Clark

Sunset Dancer

Thrones for the Innocent

Thrones For The Innocent, by C.W. Kesting, delivers a tale filled with the intensity of loss, guilt and sorrow. The journey to hope and redemption—with all the mind twists and ethereal turns—is surprising and satisfying. A great paranormal read!

~lizzie starr

~Prince of Dark Ness

Kesting has written a heart-wrenching story of love, despair and rebirth with descriptions so vivid as to make one think they were real and not on the page...a flowing tale that interweaves the real and the paranormal while exploring the balance of the universe. He writes with a multi-faceted style: at once simple, but powerful in both the narration and the description of the bleakness of a lost child...yet ethereal when discussing the mystical complexities of the soul.

~Katherine Petersen; SF Site reviews

Every parent's nightmare will become your special purgatory in this supernatural tale of guilt, grief, and redemption. Kesting does not tug at your stings, he yanks at them, grabbing both heart and breath as he pulls you into and through a story - and a dimension - that is simply all too real to ignore. His powerful descriptions and dialog, talents he established in his first novel, Rubicon Harvest, take a quantum leap forward as Thrones for the Innocent grips you, shakes you, and leaves you nearly senseless at the end - but yearning for more. 

~G. David Clark, Author: Sunset Dancer and Yorrik's Lot

Envar Island

This book is an exquisitely written adventure of human emotions—prejudice, hate, vengeance and greed; all fighting against the possibilities of peace and acceptance. Kesting’s world-building skills remind me a great deal of Ursula K. LeQuin and Robert Heinlein’s poetic prose... 

~ JoEllen Conger; Conger Book Reviews

C.W. Kesting’s latest release, Envar Island,is a science fiction book that ranks at the top of the list in the thriller genre. Envar Islandis a page-turner that you will not want to miss. I guarantee that you will find your heart pounding wildly while you read, anxious to race to the end. You will find yourself delighted by Kesting’s powerful descriptions…

~ Sue Hurley; Author of Never Ever.

2012 EPIC Awards finalist