Books by CW Kesting

Rubicon Harvest (2008)

The first.

 The Architects at Phoenix-Lamneth have finally eradicated diseases like Parkinson’s and diabetes. Now they are chasing a far more elusive prey: The conscious mind... And the evolution of mankind hangs in the balance. 

Rubicon Harvest offers a futuristic world in which the issues surrounding the utilization of embryonic stem cells have been long resolved and diseases like diabetes and Parkinson’s have been completely eradicated through the Advanced Stem Cell Initiative. Technological breakthroughs in optical computer processing, human genomics, and the globalization of governments through corporate economics have thrust society into quantum leaps of forced adaptation.

Thrones for the Innocent (2009)

From creation to conclusion—mothers never let go. During times of hardship or championship—mothers never let go. And when certain things become absolutely necessary... A mother will never let go.

Alexandra D’Meiter is a young woman at odds with herself and the obstacles that Fate has strewn across her path. Three years prior, in the wake of an irresponsible drinking binge at a crowded beach, Alex lost her five-year old daughter.
Now, with her daughter still missing, Alex—sober and cynical—buries herself in her anesthesia practice. She focuses her energies on her career and sobriety and is reluctantly settling into an uncompromising rut when a single, strange night at her hospital changes everything. Two mysterious patients impact Alex’s life in a way that immediately challenges her belief system and sets into motion events that will forever alter Alex’s experience of the world.

Envar Island (2011)

In the later years of Reconstruction following the Class Wars, enhanced human variants—envars—have outlived their initial purpose. Now, four generations of advanced genetic engineering lie sequestered on secret islands, awaiting disposal. Faced with their own mortality, a small band of envars revolt and escape to the mainland in search of answers… 

Mankind toys with Natural Order and creates the

next version of ourselves; are we prepared to embrace the consequences? Or have we just rendered ourselves obsolete?

This Garden of Souls (2013)

 Institute for Human Studies: What is it, exactly? Who runs it and why?

Imagine one day finding yourself an unwilling captive—a participant in a mysterious design where you are forced to relive your past, face your demons and defend your every thought and action. As your imprisonment slowly draws out, you gradually realize that all you thought you knew about the world was wrong. You begin to question everything and everyone.

Now imagine discovering that you may not be who—or even what—you ever thought you were.