The Screen Plays

Envar Island: (Finalist: 2012 Hollywood Screenplay Contest)

Echo LeFey is a drug addict. She is also a Recollector: A retriever of human memories—memories used to manipulate and control the inhabitants of the new Commonwealth. Born after the Second Civil War, Echo only knows a world where quantum bandwidth and exchangeable megabytes have replaced the dollar and mandatory work laws keep the populace forcefully employed under penalty of spinal cord suppression. In the decades after the Second Civil War, also known as the Class Wars, North America is left in complete ruin. This inevitable conflict between disparate socio-economic classes was violent and costly, leaving only the very old and the very young to rebuild. With North America’s resources completely wiped out, Reconstruction efforts rely solely on pirated Asian technologies. Quantum computing, exact-enhanced intelligence and bio-nanotechnology are just a few of the new sciences; yet the most controversial of these is the creation of enhanced human variants—Envars. These genetically modified humans are capable of performing the most physical and dangerous of tasks during the Reconstruction. But after four generations of rebuilding and recovery, Envars have out-lived their usefulness and are now perceived as a threat to the natural order and progression of the Commonwealth.

Kane is an Envar who has become self aware and as such begins to question his existence. When the last of the Envars are rounded up for disposal, Kane initiates a violent rebellion and escapes from secluded Envar Island with a highly specialized squad of fellow Envars. His obsession is Truth, specifically the answer to one burning question: Is there more to his life than that intended from his Creators? 

Michael Valentine and Celladora are Envars that have split from Kane’s renegade band. They are unique in that they are the only Fifths: A completely different generation of Envars with mysterious abilities that are unintentionally revealed when Echo is forced to perform a memory Recollection on Michael.

Criss Saun is a resourceful yet vindictive Judiciary officer tasked with eliminating anything and anyone associated with the Envar program; but he has his sights on much higher goals for himself.

Antonio Faber is an old scientist. A military operative during the Class Wars, he was instrumental in the development of the Envar program. Now he is the focus of Saun’s manhunt to eliminate all remaining Envars and anyone connected to the program.

While Kane slashes his way through conspirators and lies in search of his raison d’ etre; Echo, Faber and the two refugee Envars inadvertently open Pandora’s box: Inconceivable and awe-inspiring glimpses of the future are revealed when a cerebral interface with the Fifths unlocks their ability to manipulate time and space at the quantum level.

The chase leads them all back to Envar Island for a bloody climax in which Faber parishes; and Kane and his team are destroyed by Michael’s newly acquired talents. Echo and Cella are left to contemplate how to proceed with this dangerous new knowledge; while Saun is recruited by a mysterious man named Janus who represents an organization that has been manipulating events from afar to ultimately serve some enigmatic agenda.


Float is a supernatural thriller about the “survival” of one individual from a group of tubers that fall through a fracture in time/space while floating down a river. 

After a summer college course is canceled, five students decide to spend the afternoon drifting lazily down their local river. They pack only beer and bottled water, they have two phones between the five of them and no one knows they’ve gone. They embark on what is expected to be a three-hour float, starting from deep within a heavily forested river valley and hopefully ending back in town. Instead, they find themselves having to endure both the natural threats of the river as well as the strange and terrifying elements that lurk in the woods on either bank. All too soon, they are fighting for their lives as they are picked off, one by one, in the most bizarre and inconceivable ways.

Only one young man “survives” the float long enough to reach a mysterious Bridge.  There, through interactions with three enigmatic entities, he discovers the truth about this strange new world and the river that runs through it. The river is merely one of an infinite number of threads that wind through varying universes, realities and times; and the Bridge is but a node—a rest stop. 

The entities and forces that inhabit the river valley are actually previous travelers on the river that have somehow managed to become trapped (or perhaps chose to remain?) in this null-time of the Bridge. They want only to protect their conditional existence on the Bridge by eliminating any variable that may alter their perceived reality. 

No one knows how or why this rift in time/space occurred, only that has existed for as long as time itself can be accounted for. 

Our “survivor” wonders if the Bridge is “the end of the line”. He eventually learns that although the river obviously flows farther (we can see the river winding away into a hazy distance); the Bridge is as far as anyone has ever gone. No one knows what lies beyond the Frontier. Those that have made it as far as the Bridge have gathered here and chosen to go no further. There are many occupants of this null-time—perhaps a dozen—made up of individuals from both distant past and far future. They view themselves as the Guardians of the Bridge, obligated to rescue (incorporate?) any survivor that makes it this far. Out of fear—and certainly a lack of faith—they have elected to stay on the Bridge and defend this ancient outpost as if it were actually the End.

Rivers are often used as metaphors for time and Float brings this idea to life. By transforming the river into an actual conduit—or manifold—across which one can travel into and through various times and worlds; the frailty of our own existence is suddenly thrust upon us—whether we are ready for it or not. 

Fate, freewill, cause and effect: they are all reduced to simple probabilities. It will be the individual—brave and self-aware—who must overcome the unpredictability of shifting reality.